Pre-Digital History
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2010 May 24

Today would be my parent wedding anniversary.  So I started looking at more pictures and I finished scanning all their albums up to when I started taking slides.  I know there are more pictures in other boxes, studio portraits and other lose odds and ends.  I found more pictures for 1952-1966, and I  remember that somewhere there is another album of pictures I took.

 2010 April 07

OK. I think I have found the last of pictures from 1952-1966.

2009 March 03

This is part of my web site that I have been postponing for a very long time.   The task of reviewing several thousand old photographs and slides is daunting.  Making the dreaded decision about purging many images is going to be  painful, but it must be done, because there is a limit to how many old pictures anyone will want to look at.

I started scanning some pictures over a year ago and put them up on Flickr.  As I start the process of putting these images on my web site, I'm still not certain of the best way to organize and present them, so for now I'll continue with the logic that made sense then, knowing that it will be extremely difficult to restructure the web site later... so I guess I'm done thinking about the "best way" and I'll just start doing it!

What I decided was the break up the pictures by era and subject.  This was based on what I could easily know about most of the old pictures just by looking at them. The classifications (and links) go like this:

Name Era & Subject What's New
Mom Before Dad 1926 through about 1939.  These are pictures of my mom and her family of origin.  My mom and dad met in junior high school, about 1939.   
Dad Before Mom 1925 through about 1939.  These are pictures of my dad and his family of origin.   
Mom and Dad Before Kids About 1939 through 1948.  My brother Buzz was born in 1948. Pictures scanned in May 2010
Dad's Navy Album 1942-1945 Dad had a separate album of his World War 2 photographs.  Pictures scanned in May 2010
1948-1952 Buzz was born in 1948; I was born in 1952  
1952-1966 1966 is the year I started taking slides.  There are very few family snapshots after that.  Every time I found another bunch of pictures they became a "round". Round One
Round Two
Round Three
Round Four
Paul Visits Santa
1966-1991 1991 is the year my mom died.  
1991-1999 1999 is the year my dad died.  
Other After 1999 most all the photographs I've taken are digital.  But still there are some images which need to be scanned.  Here they are. Gregg's School Photos

As the pages are completed the "Name" column will become links you can click on. "What's New" shows when a section was updated and with what.