Round Two
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Round Two

As promised, this is "Round Two".  Basically I have taken some snapshots from another one my parents photo albums that fall in this category.  That category is pictures taken between when I was born in 1952 and late in 1966 when I started taking slides.

There is at least one more album that contains snapshots from this era.  There will be a Round Three.

My Grandpa Murphy holding me at 4 weeks old. The family story (told by my mother) is that at this time, Grandpa told my mom something like, "You can't treat Paul the same way you treat Buzz. He's more sensitive". It's not like mom and dad were rough with Buzz. Maybe Grandpa sensed something.
My mom holding me at 6 weeks old. This on the front porch of the house where I was born (well, after the hospital) in Seattle.
My Dad playing with me on the swing set in 1953. He stopped smoking in 1972.
Dad and me in 1953
Me at 4 month old, January 1953.
My Grandpa Murphy holdilng me on the 4th of July 1953. I'd be 10 months old.
4th of July 1953 at Green Lake. In the background is my dad's brother Lowell. His kids, my cousins Marilou and Sharon and dealing me, the 10-month old cry baby.
Buzz holding me. Spring of 1953. This is in our front yard at 1533 NE 100 in Seattle. The Shallow's house is being built, The Arentzen's house is in the background.
Me in the front yard of 1533 in the Spring of 1953.
1954 Next door neighbor friend Hal Todd and me playing on the swing set.
1954 Next door neighbor friend Hal Todd and me playing on the swing set.
1954 Next door neighbor friend Hal Todd and me playing on the swing set.
Me and Pete in 1954.  Pete "ran away" a year or so later.  The truth I later found out, Pete was so protective of me he started biting people when they came near me.  So mom and dad had to give him away.
Next door neighbor friend Linda Shallow and me in 1955.
My cousins Gregg & Lorraine Bellows asleep on Easter Morning 1958.
May 1959. Mrs. Dorothy Ambrose was my teacher for kindergarten and first grade at Sacajawea Elementary School. At the end of the school year was "Grandparents Day. This is my Grandma Quesnell, me and Mrs. Ambrose. When I was senior in high school Mrs. Ambrose came there to teach English... but I wasn't in her class. But it was nice having her there.
May 1959. Grandma Quesnell and me.
The picture said 1960... I don't believe it. Anyway, this is my brother Buzz, Mom, Kathleen Motland, myself and Ralph Motland in Vancouver, BC. (My memory says we did this in 1962 during the Seattle World's Fair.)
1961 at the Troop 136 Scouts (Boy and Cub) picnic at Hamlin Park in Seattle. Here are 3 dads... Hal Todd, my Dad, and John Tomco.
1962 - me with the canoe on top of Dad's 1952 Lincoln. We were going on a ride down the slough before they dredged it out.
1962... I don't recall what the occasion was here. But all the neighbors frequently gathered at someone's house. Here we are at the Henderson's at 1538 NE 98 in Seattle. (I remember almost everyone's address because I was the paperboy.)
1964-12 Picture of me after one of my first ski lessons.
Christmas 1964 Fashion Show. My Aunt Marion and Uncle Lowell, my dad's sister and brother, showing off their winter long underwear.
The Quesnell tribe enjoying Christmas Eve dinner in 1964. In the front are Greg & Lorraine Bellows and my mom. In back is me, Grandma Quesnell, my brother Buzz, Dad with the plate on his head, and cousin Larry Q.
My mom and her brother, my Uncle Jack Murphy, at the Lake City Elks Club in 1965.
Summer of 1966. My cousin Kathleen Motland and me holding my dog, Sootie. This is the driveway of the neighbors in the back yard. For some reason we were using their car while they were away on vacation.
My mom in Victoria, BC. According to the snapshot this in 1966.

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