Round Three
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Round Three

So here is Round Three.  When I thought I was done with Round 2, I found another album that had lots of pictures for this category.  That category is pictures taken between when I was born in 1952 and late in 1966 when I started taking slides.

As of today, January 28, 2010, I am not aware any more pictures that were taken between 1952 and 1966.  If I find more that should be up on the web site, they will be in Round 4 or beyond.

1953 Buzz and cousin Lorraine in front of Grandma Quesnell's house.
1953 Auntie Marion and Lorraine in front of Grandma Quesnell's house.
1953 Uncle Jack Murphy, Buzz and Dad at Shadow Lake.  (Shadow Lake, near Renton, is a long way from where we lived.  I have no idea why this place was so popular.)
1955. Maybe this was Buzz's birthday... I don't know. These are the cousins from my mom's side of the family. Buzz; the Vanvick boys: Tom, Ted, Don, John; Paul; Mel & Irene Motland.
1955 Mom looks at the camera as I feed a deer. Buzz is watching me. This is at Mount Rainier.
1955 Paul and Auntie Donna.  We are at a soap box derby race, cheering on my cousin who was in "bug 75"
1956 at my 4-year old birthday party.  On the far left is Jacquie May and Hal Todd. I don't know the girl in pretty curls or the boy right next to her. That's me way in the back wearing suspenders. Both me and I think that's Lorraine have our backs to the camera.  The boy in the two-tone dark shirt is Richie Young.  The two are far right, I can't tell, but maybe it is Kevin Sullivan and the girl might be Dian Lockman.  The Spring Spaniel dog is Cocoa, the Lockman's dog from next door.
1956 at my 4-year old birthday party. Back row: Lorraine Bellows, Hal Todd, Unknown, Richie Young. Middle Row: Jacquie May, Dian Lockman, Kathy Shallow, Unknown. Front Row: Unknown (maybe Kevin Sullivan) and Me.
1956 at my 4-year old birthday party Mom leads us in a rousing game of
Ring Around the Rosie.
1956 at my 4-year old birthday party waiting for the guests to arrive (or maybe they've already gone).
1956 at my 4-year old birthday party.  Richie Young, Kathy Shallow, Jacquie May, Unknown, Me, Hal Todd, maybe Kevin Sullivan, Lorraine Bellows, Dian Lockman.
1956 at Easter. Buzz, Paul & Mom. I know this is crummy focus, but I find there are really very few pictures of my mom.
1956 at Easter. Buzz & Paul all dressed up.
1956 Buzz leads a neighbor dog named Raffles and he hauls me in the 1909 Studebaker dog cart in the Lake City Pioneer Days Kiddies Parade.
1957 Buzz, Dad, me and my Aunt Betty Murphy... I don't know where this is.
1957 my first day of school going to Kidney Garden.  Kathy Shallow, Dian Lockman and me in my yard at 1533 NE 100.
1957 at my 5-year old birthday party.
1957 Paul goes to his first day of kindergarten. Notice how I am holding my fingers. I have seen photos of my dad doing the exact thing.
1957 Paul and Dian going to their first day of school.
1957 Christmas.  Me holding a stuffed dog that went to school to be my nap pillow, Dian Lockman, Buzz and Susan Lockman.

Notice the shiny thing over Susan's head?  That is Christmas ornament I made in preschool a year earlier.  A Dixie cup covered in foil, with a pipe cleaner hanger strung through it.  God, what an artiste!

1957 Christmas.  I loved this little chime set.  It had a keyboard that pulled strings and ring the bells.  They were tuned so I could play all the 8-note key of C classics.
1958 at Northgate Mall in Seattle.  My Grandma's sister Stella, me riding my Dad's shoulders, and Grandma Quesnell. (The back of the picture has ambiguous dates.)
1959 (?) Buzz and I are dressed up as characters from Peter Pan. We are headed for the University District Kiddies Parade.  I am Little John, Buzz is Pirate Smee. This photo was taken on the subfloor of the "new addition" dad was putting on the house.
1959 (?) Peter Pan troupe at the parade. The Lockman girls were there: Susan was Wendy, Dian was Princess Tiger Lily, Heather was the baby. Another girl that I don't know played Peter Pan.  Jim Sesby from boy scouts played Captain Hook.
1959 end of school year "Play Day".  Each class put on various performance of coordination and agility.  Parents and Grandparents were there to watch.
1959 Me and my new 26-incher bike.  My birthday present for my 8th birthday.  It was a Schwinn Corvette.  My dad complained that he could have bought a decent used car for the cost of that bike.  Ultimately that bike went to a fireman friend of my dad, Jerry Little.  He was still riding it in the mid 1990's.
1959-09 my 8-year old birthday party.  Me, Jacquie May, unknown, Kathleen Motland, Hal Todd.
1959 Paul in new glasses.
1959 Paul in new glasses.
1960 Mom holds out a treat for Sootie as I watch the amazing dog trick.
1960 Thanksgiving. My mom and her family. Uncle George was mom's mom's brother.  He lived in the Bay Area.  Mollyo, Jack and Donna.
1960 Christmas. Front row: Greg, Nik, Paul, Marilou, Lorraine. Back row: Sharon, Lowell, Walt, Buzz, Larry