Round One
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Round One

This is my first go round at creating a web page from these old scanned images. Many of these pictures were scanned to create a photo album for Buzz's 60th Birthday.  Others have been added and they may not be chronological, or even have the correct date.

Future scans of pictures from this era will be on a separate web page... maybe called
Round Two.

November 1952. Buzz holding his new baby brother Paul.
1953. Curiously absent from this picture are my father and his sister Marion. Lorraine (daughter of Marion) suspects that Dad was at the hospital with Marion as she was giving birth to Greg. Back row: Lowell, Jeannie, Mary Van Haven, Sharon, Andy Van Haven (Sr.) Middle row: Buzz, Mom, Carol Van Haven, Grandma Quesnell Front row: Me, Michelle Van Haven, Marilou, Lorraine, Larry


1953 Buzz at Green Lake in Seattle.
1953 At Green Lake in Seattle. Buzz, cousin Irene, my mom's father Grandpa Murphy, some guy named Mr Hifield, my mom's sister Donna
1953. Paul Staab and Buzz for their first day of school.
1954. Paul on his way to get a haircut. This was big news back then!  This was in the Northgate Shopping News.
1954 June? Buzz
1954 June? Paul
1954 Easter. Buzz, Sharon holding Nik, Lorraine, Larry, Marilou, me, Grandma Quesnell holding Greg. It is speculated that my mother was yelling at us before she took the picture, therefore all the funny looks on the kid's faces.
1955 Christmas. Buzz, Paul and Pete the collie.
1955 Christmas. Paul & Buzz. This is from Uncle Jack's slide collection.
1956-06 Paul and Buzz playing "hydroplane race" in the neighbors drive way. Dad always enjoyed this picture.  He got a kick out of how Buzz got all dressed up in helmet and life jacket just like a real hydro racer.
1956-07 Mom Buzz and Paul at La Push.
1957-08 Buzz and Paul at the Lake City Kiddies Parade for Seafair. Raffles the dog pulling the 1909 Studebaker dog cart.
1956 (or maybe 1957) (Original scan) Paul
1956 (or maybe 1957) (Retouched) Paul
1956 (or maybe 1957) Paul holding Tike and Buzz holding Sootie
1956 (or maybe 1957) Buzz
1957 Buzz and Paul for Paul's first day of school
A visit to Woodland Park Zoo in 1957.  Cousins Lorraine & Gregg with Buzz and me.  This is at "monkey island" back when native habitat wasn't a big deal... I like the school house in the middle of the island.  Was that a slam against school kids or monkeys? 
1958 - Dian Lockman, Bruce George, Paul Quesnell & Frances MacKay in first grade.
1958 Thanksgiving at the "Kids Table" in the WEQ (Walter E. Quesnell) kitchen.
 (1533 NE 100 St, Seattle)
Front row: Greg, Lorraine, Nik
 Back row: Buzz, Larry, Marilou, Paul, Sharon.
1958 Easter at Grandma Quesnell's house (4052 NE 7th Ave, Seattle) Left to right: Sharon, Larry, Marilou, Nick, Grandma, Greg, Lorraine, Buzz, Paul
1960 or 1961. Boy Scout Troop 136 at Camp Parsons. Buzz is over "AM". Above him to right is Rick Mills. Bob Tomco is on the far left. Michael Murphy/Stewart is in the middle of the front row.
1960 Thanksgiving -- my mother's Uncle George Smith surrounded by all this great nieces and nephews. Back row, left to right: Ted Vanvick, Kathleen Motland, George T. Smith, Jon Vanvick, Irene Motland, Mel Motland.
Front row: Paul Quesnell, Don Vanvick, Tom Vanvick, Buzz Quesnell
1961 (or 1960) The first day of school for Buzz and Paul Staab. This might be their first day at junior high school if it is 1960.
1961 (or 1960) The first day of school for Buzz and Paul Staab. This might be their first day at junior high school if it is 1960.
Buzz in Junior High... don't know for sure which year.
1962 Buzz at Jane Adams Junior High
1962 we went on a canoe trip from Lake Sammamish to Lake Washington. Dad wanted us to do this trip before the Army Corp of Engineers dredged the slough to allow for more navigation and flood control.
1962 we went on a canoe trip from Lake Sammamish to Lake Washington. Dad wanted us to do this trip before the Army Corp of Engineers dredged the slough to allow for more navigation and flood control. I am holding Sootie who also went on the canoe ride. The car is a 1950 Lincoln Lido.
1963 Buzz's sophomore picture.
The other class -- the smart ones.  This is Mr. Young's class.
My 6-grade class at Sacajawea Elementary school in Seattle. June 1964.
Mr. O'Grady was our teacher.  I'm in the green sweater vest in the back row.
Paul 12 years old in the fall 1964.
Easter 1964
Back row: Larry, Buzz, Dad, Grandma Q, Auntie Jeanne, Uncle Lowell, Sharon, Me, Auntie Marion.
Middle row: Greg, Nik
Front: Marilou (holding Gigi) and Lorraine.
Mom had a photographer come and take these in August 1965. I remember she was concerned that Buzz was "glassy-eyed" because he had been working so hard at a landscape job that day. Do we look like Wally & Beaver or what?
Buzz graduated in 1966, so this was taken in summer 1965.
Based on my sideburns, I don't think was 1965 -- maybe 1968. Any way, that is me in the upper right next to my dad, with mom and Buzz in the front.
Fall 1965. I was 13 years old here.
1965 My cousin Kathleen (daughter of Donna, my mother's sister). The year is a good guess provided by Donna.
Must be Christmas! 1965. Buzz and Jan Morton.
Thanksgiving morning 1965... the Nathan Hale Raiders football team was meeting the Queen Anne team for the city championship. Queen Anne was victorious.
Fall of 1966.
Buzz was on the UW football team during his freshman year. Fall 1966.
Buzz's high school graduation day 1966
Buzz going to his Senior Prom in a rented Mustang. Spring 1966.
Buzz, Dad, Mom and Jerry Booth after the graduation exercises. June 1966