Round Four
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Round Four

There can't be any more!  But I found these so here is Round Four.  When I was getting ready to start working on stuff after 1966, I found these.  That category is pictures taken between when I was born in 1952 and late in 1966 when I started taking slides.

As of today, April 7, 2010, I am not aware any more pictures that were taken between 1952 and 1966 (but I thought that  a few weeks ago too!).  If I find more that should be up on the web site I'll create another page.

1961?  Very questionable date.  But when Kathleen came up to Seattle the summer of 1962, her crazy aunts (my Mom and her sister Mollyo) who never had the fun taking a daughter to the hair dresser, spent a "girls day out" and poor Kathleen ended up with Pixie cut.   (Kathleen's mother, Donna, was not impressed.)   So I suspect this picture was the Christmas before the 1962 Seattle World's Fair.
Kathleen Motland... 1961(?)
Donna Motland.  The photo was processed in November 1962.
A school photo of Irene Motland.  1962 (based on the back below)

1963.  Seattle Fire Department, Station 15, Crew "C".
Marvin Buck, my Dad Walt Quesnell, Ed Campbell.
Reggie Harris,  Rod Mehus.
This was the newest engine in Seattle at the time.
In the office of the station at Minor & Virginia.
Two of the guys are missing, Jerry Little & Gary Egan.  This gang was sometimes known as "Campbell's Raiders".

They did have fun.  I always liked it when we would go see Dad at work.