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  • Most of  my "big deal" photographs are in these albums.  A big deal is a major vacation or event where lots of pictures were taken.  When I take just a few pictures, they might end up in the diary/journal.

    The photo albums are all "thumbnails".   If you want, you can see the original (bigger size; better resolution) by clicking on the picture.  The original should come up in a new window, which you can resize to fit your screen.

    The old "Jack-n-Paul" web site photo albums are now inside this web site.  The navigation is different in those pages, so by clicking here you will launch a new window.  From there you can see all those pictures from 1997 to 2002.

    Someday, when I am very bored and have nothing else to do, I want to take some of my old slides... slides taken from 1966 until about 1998 ... and digitize them for display here.

    I also want to digitize some of my parents old photos to give a pre-digital historical overview of where I came from.

    Until those two projects are done, all the stuff here is taken with digital camera, or stolen from the internet.

    In spring of 2007 I found about about a web site called Flickr.  It is a place to store and organize your photos.  I will continue to create photo albums and diaries here, but can also find a lot of my photographs where I have organized them into "collections".

    After 2008 all albums are on a separate page.  Click here for that.
    This is Flickr badge showing photos in a set called Final Year in Seattle. Make your own badge here.
    Date Updated Photo Album Subject  (Click on the text) Timeframe of Album
    4/25/2009 New album for photos 2008 and Beyond 2008 through ...
    4/19/2009 Moving to Palm Springs July 2007
    6/26/2007 Final Days In Seattle May & June 2007
    4/23/2007 Kitchen Remodel April 2007 & March 2003
    4/20/2007 Playing on the Freeway (not in navigation bar) June 17, 2006
    10/16/2006 Sleigh Ride in Leavenworth January 2006
    9/3/2006 The "Jack-n-Paul" Photo Albums 1997-2002
    5/3/2006 Easter Campout at Deception Pass March 27, 2005
    9/4/2005 Road Trip to Disneyland July 2005
    3/2/2005 Paul and Gregg take a 5 day winter break in Palm Springs February 23-27, 2005
    7/12/2004 Gregg's Family Spreading his Father's Ashes at Snoqualmie Pass July 10, 2004
    7/1/2004 Freemont Solstice Parade June 19, 2004
    7/1/2004 Jack-n-Paul Photo Albums January 1999 - September 2003


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