2009-07 Baseball Game
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We were given some tickets to the Power.  The tickets were good for any night, so of course we chose Tuesday when the beer is $1 all night long.

We aren't big time baseball fans, but we have always enjoyed going to the game just for the experience of it all.  A minor league game is much different than a Seattle Mariners game at Safeco Field -- it was more fun to be there.  Instead of being entertained by all the amenities of a 1/2 billion dollar stadium, we enjoyed all the silly things going on in this little ballpark next to the city library.

Fran & Gregg out at the Power Baseball game.
Fran and Paul enjoying the front row seat.  Nathan is a "special" fan sitting in the next box.
We got there early for $1 beer night.
It was a lovely evening... sitting in the shade, misters cooling off the 102+ afternoon, did I mention the $1 beer.
"Power" is the minor league team in Palm Springs. I'm not a baseball enthusiast, but a day at the park every now and then is very fun.
Fran in our box seats. Several boxes had "reserved for" plaques in them. This was the first one that didn't.
Not quite the same as a day at Safeco Field, but the "day at the game" was just as fun. With such a small field and crowd the whole scene was more intimate and immediate.
The Power warming up.
Are these good seats? Who knows... who cares. Keeping my eye on the ball is the least of my concerns.
Fran bought an official program... and won a prize!
Rocky the team mascot.
During just about every inning there was a little goofy contest.  This was the water balloon  toss.
Gregg participated in the "Dizzy Bat" contest.
We left after 10 innings. The other team won in the 11th.
The other team under the full moon.
Full moon after the summer solstice.

I should have been someplace else this evening.
Jai Guru Dev
Could this have happened with the Mariner Moose?
We had fun with all the people sitting near by.
It was a great evening out at the old ball game.

Thanks to Bill & Richard for the tickets!

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