2007 Moving to Palm Springs
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Road Trip:
Moving from Seattle to Palm Springs
July 2007

Monday July 6, 2007 was my last day of work. After a weekend of last-minute packing and cleaning out the house, we started to head south on Tuesday July 10.  We couldn't have made it through the weekend without the help of Jack and Karl.  It was a tearful good-bye for me as we left their home in Edgewood.

My goal for the trip was to see some sights, avoid Interstate 5 and do some camping along the way. Once we were on the road, I got "ants in my pants" and wanted to arrive in Palm Springs quickly so each day we ended up driving well into the night -- this made setting up camp kind of a moot point.

Still we took scenic routes and saw some great sights, but it was more of a "stop & gawk" type of vacation, not and get out, explore and become one with the land. Many of these shots were taken right from car window.


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