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    After & Before
    2007 & 2003

    Jack and I bought the house on 31st Ave NW in 2002. That is a long story involved story of its own, but suffice to say it was time to downsize to smaller home and to move away from what we called "The View Mansion".  The new place was small and needed several major upgrades.  This page highlights the kitchen & dining room.

    2007_04_SpringThaw 027.jpg
    Looking from the living room through to the dining room. Notice there are lots of ceiling lights.
    2007_04_SpringThaw 029.jpg
    The sink was moved from the "peninsula" to the north wall. The counter tops and back splash are granite squares. The color of the granite is called "Green Tea", but it looks black (and beautiful) to me.
    2007_04_SpringThaw 030.jpg
    Gas was plumbed for a new stove. Cabinets, cupboards and new range hood move to the south wall.
    2007_04_SpringThaw 032.jpg
    The dining room ceiling was not changed. But a new light fixture was installed, the old back door replaced with a window, and these two storage cabinets added.
    2007_04_SpringThaw 033.jpg
    Looking from the back porch, through the dining room, kitchen, living room and front door.
    2007_04_SpringThaw 034.jpg
    In the dining room is a another matching cabinet.

    In 2002, looking from the living room into the kitchen. This doorway was expanded.
    Look how crowded it is (was) with the refrigerator in the narrow entry and the sink in the middle of the peninsula.
    The peninsula was intended to be a breakfast bar dining space, but was never used that way.
    This is looking from the dining room into the kitchen.
    From the dining room looking into the 2nd bed/TV room.
    From the kitchen looking in to living room.
    In 2003 the first phase of the dining room remodel was the installation of the French door. For that Jack had demolish many layers of God-awful wall paper.
    We never understood why windows were installed that would require you to stoop down to look outside,
    The gold flocked wall paper -- must have been installed during the mid-1960's.
    The little window removed and a full-sized glass door installed.
    The porch was installed in 2003 before we moved in.

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