Day 3
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Day 3 - Around Lake Shasta

Over the years I have driven from Seattle to various points California several times.  Every time I would drive as fast as I could along Interstate 5 and I always said to myself, "Wow, this lake is beautiful.  If I had more time, I would stop and look around." 

Finally, on this trip I had some time.  We had spent the night camping just a few miles north of the lake.  Our destination in Santa Clara was only a few hours away.

The night before we camped at a California State Park called Castle Crags.  We arrived late and night and left early in the morning.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures that are acceptable for publishing on this web page.  Early in the morning we did take a drive to the top of the park's Vista Peak.  It was spectacular -- if you like looking at tree and mountains.  It is worth the drive up there. (Pix at bottom of page!)

We didn't do much in or on the lake; no swimming, no boating.  We drove down the shore, went to a tourist trap (it was fun.)  We drove to a boat launch and beach area, but frankly, the water was full or creepy-looking algae and mucky looking right at the shore line -- it wasn't inviting from where we stood.  Still, it was very nice.  There were lots of people boating and having a good time.  Maybe someday I will spend a few days on a house boat and just enjoy the beauty of lake from that perspective.

A few miles from there we went to dam that forms Lake Shasta.  It was a great side trip.


At the tourist trap, we were sluicing for gemstones.
What's this?!
Gregg has uncovered a valuable semi-precious stone!

Of course it was stupid.  That's why we liked it.
And we didn't have be that far from the parking lot.
Here were at the Shasta Dam.
Look at that!
(Fun with remote shutter release)
CVP?  Got me!
Maybe "Central Valley Project"


Hey look!  I found 2 pictures of Castle Crags:

At the top of the Vista Point.  This was early in the morning around 8 AM, we had already broken camp and packed up the mini-van again.

A better shot of the Castle Crags.

"Art Shot".  Gregg and I silhouetted against Mount Shasta.  This was also taken at the top of the Vista Point road in Castle Crags State Park.