Day 10 & 11
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We arrived in Los Angeles a day ahead of our hotel reservation.  It wasn't easy finding a hotel near Disneyland, but we did.  There is so much to say about L.A.; I love it and hate it.  I did live there for 18 month in 1976 & 1977, during a most wonderful era of my life .

Going to Disneyland for the 50th anniversary was reason for this road trip.  I must have been 3 years old when Disneyland opened.  For all of my childhood, Disneyland was some sort of Mecca.  Lucky were those kids whose family could make the pilgrimage, to pay homage to Mickey Mouse, his creator and the goodness that flowed.  As a family, we never made it there together.

The first time I was there was the summer of 1966 when I went to California to visit my Auntie Donna.  I was there again in 1975 with my Dad and several times since then, including a trip to Orlando with my Dad and brother Buzz in 1991.  On that trip, we rode Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain more than 5 times each.

Gregg and I did the park in two full days.  One day for Disneyland; a second day for California Adventure.  We enjoyed some rides, especially the "Tower of Terror" in California Adventure, but these days I find myself enjoying the tame & lame stuff more than the thrill rides.

As we entered LA, we snapped several shots from the speeding mini-van. Somewhere, in one of these pictures you can see the "HOLLYWOOD" sign.
The exit for Vine Street... now where is that soda shop so we can get discovered and become a movie star.
The Capitol Records Building,
The next morning we are in Disneyland.  It says this is a picture spot.
So we took 2 pictures, just to make sure one of them turned out.
All these people -- and no one could take our picture.
One of the newest and lamest rides is this Pooh Bear Honey Pot ride.  Never have been of fan of Winnie the Pooh.  And this ride was all black light and phosphorescent colors.
Did not eat here, but it is a nice picture.
This is our dessert at the Blue Bayou restaurant in the pirates of the Caribbean ride.  Finally, after several years of waiting, I got my Monte Cristo sandwich.


We had to make reservations to eat here as soon as we got into the park.
This is the next day at California Adventure.
This is a picture of the TV image of us on the Tower of Terror ride in the Hollywood section of the California Adventure.  This was a Twilight Zone inspired "elevator from Hell".  I don't remember ever laughing or squealing with delight so much from a ride.
It turns out that Gregg and I both are fans of the Muppets.  Their corny puns and Miss Piggy's style are simply funny stuff.
The good guy from Monsters Inc.
A parade.
A candid aerial shot.
See the wheel chair?  After 5 days of square dancing, my feet were a mess.  I was walking around OK, but after the first morning at Disneyland, Gregg couldn't bare to see me hobble around in any pain, so we rented a wheel chair.  It was an embarrassment, but had some benefits as well.
The parade continues.
One of the "stay and play" attractions at California Adventure.  It gives a flavor of being  an Explorer Boy Scout:  mountain climbing, animal tracking, forest fire lookout, etc.
Cone Head?
Waiting for the "Electric Parade"
Look at that over there!
The parade marked our final hour at Disneyland.

I am forever hearing people slam the California Adventure.  I think it is just great.  Neat stuff to see and watch; great roller coaster thrill ride; not as crowded, just as much fun.