2005 Easter at Deception Pass
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The day before Easter we decided to go for a one-night camping trip.  We threw some gear in the min-van and headed out not knowing where we'd end up.  Once on the road we decided to jump on a ferry boat and go to Whidbey Island.  As the sun was getting low, we stopped in Oak Harbor for some steak to cook over a fire and headed to the state park.

This was the end of March; the weather wasn't wonderful so the campground was only 1/3 full.  We set up camp just as the sun was setting then started a fire to cook our steaks and simply enjoy being out of town for a night.

On Easter morning we slept in and missed the sunrise services being held at the amphitheater.  We spent a few hours strolling along the beach trails, crossing the bridge and looking for some Geocaches.

Gregg with an amazing geological speciman.
Hand held self portrait.
Deception Pass is one of my favorite Washington States Parks.  It is surrounded by salt water beaches and cliffs, has a large fresh water lake, and plenty of hiking trails.
This is on the northern edge of the park.
What's in there?
As you round the point at the north end, you can see the highway bridge that crosses the pass.  A while later we drove across the bridge and stopped on the island in the middle.
Notice this point.  You will see it from another vantage point in picture below.
Art shot.

See that point across the water?  That is where the pictures above were taken.
This a little island in the middle of Deception Pass.  There was a Geocache out here that was quite difficult to get to.  In fact, the hills and cliffs were too steep for me to be running around on.  So I enjoyed this picturesque spot while Gregg took the GPS and found the cache.