2005 Mid-Winter Break in Palm Springs
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Palm Springs:
A Mid-Winter Break
February 2005

Gregg is a school teacher, so we take vacations when school is out.  Sometime between Christmas and Spring Break they have the mid-winter break.  In 2005 this was during the last week of February.

Back in September we were visited by my old friend Barry, who moved to Palm Springs in 2001.  Gregg had never been to Palm Springs, so it seemed like this time away from school was a perfect time to see Barry and get into the desert for a few days of sun.

The weather on the west coast has been crazy this year.  Palm Springs was getting more rain than Seattle.  But I have a never been one to complain too much about the weather, so we flew south not really caring what the weather would bring.   We had sunny and warm weather all the time we were there.

We had a good time visiting friends, lounging around the resort, and enjoying some of the night life, but we didn't have get any pictures of that.  However, we did get some nice pictures of three different excursions we took away from the city.  Here they are: