Spreading Ashes
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Gregg's father died in 1996.  With mom and nine children to schedule, there was never a good time for the family to go and spread his father's ashes.  Finally in the summer of 2004, Gregg's mom asked him to coordinate the activity.

  First he made sure it was OK to spread the ashes at the top of the ski area at Snoqualmie Pass.  (It is OK.)  Then he and I went up there a few weeks ahead of time to make sure there is a good enough trail for Mom and OJ.  The easiest part of coordination was picking the date and time.

Ashes 001EM.jpg
Gregg, Mom, OJ, and almost me... just as we are leaving the house.
Ashes 002EM.jpg

This shot, you get all of me.
Ashes 003EM.jpg

Gregg, Christina, Riley, Nick, Annie, Samantha, Mantz.
Ashes 004EM.jpg
Waiting for Pam... in the parking lot near the bunny tow.
Ashes 005EM.jpg

Still waiting...
Ashes 006EM_6.jpg

Gregg keeping the kids busy by throwing rocks.
Ashes 007EM.jpg
Lowell, Paul and Matt.
Ashes 008EM.jpg
The ashes were spread around Beaver Lake, near the Thunder Bird chair lift.
Ashes 009EM.jpg
Gregg chose the last Saturday in June, 2004.  To make sure everyone was OK with the date, he offered no alternatives.  Seven of the nine brothers and sisters were able to make it.
Ashes 010EM.jpg
The ashes were divided into paper envelopes, so everyone had their own private moment
Ashes 011EM.jpg

Ashes 012EM.jpg
All the grandchildren had an envelope of ashes too.
Ashes 013EM.jpg

Mark brought Riley's drum.  He often kept cadence as we hiked up the mountain.  Paul is between Mark and Matt, who is holding some flowers.
Ashes 014EM.jpg
Lowell, Mom, OJ and Joey.
Ashes 015EM.jpg

Samantha is wearing "team" sweat shirt.  To her left is Jay.  To right is Marci, Paul, Linda, Annie, Pam, Elana, and OJ.
Ashes 016EM.jpg
Gregg dispensing ashes.  In the foreground is Riley and Nick.  To left of Gregg is Mantz, Marci, Mom, Paul (in hood), Linda and half-way in the picture is Pam.
Ashes 017EM.jpg
Lowell carrying Maggie, Mom, OJ, and Joey.
Ashes 018EM.jpg
Elana, Lowell, and Maggie.
Ashes 019EM.jpg

Ashes 020EM.jpg
Mark and Matt.
Ashes 021EM.jpg
Pam, Mark, and Riley.
Ashes 022EM2.jpg
Matt & Gregg.  Cristina's back is to the camera.
Ashes 023EM.jpg
Mantz and Linda.
Ashes 024EM.jpg
Mom and OJ.
Ashes 025EM.jpg
Christina, Gregg, Marci, and Samantha.
Ashes 026EM.jpg
Paul, Matt, Annie, Elana and Lowell.
Ashes 027EM.jpg
Mom, OJ, Nick and Riley.
Ashes 028EM.jpg
Matt near edge of Beaver Lake.
Ashes 029EM.jpg
Matt and Gregg.
Ashes 030EM.jpg
Spreading ashes.
Ashes 031EM.jpg

Ashes 032EM.jpg
All the envelopes were collected, torn up and buried... so none of ashes left the mountain.
Ashes 033EM.jpg
See Interstate 90 in the valley?
Ashes 034EM.jpg
The hills are alive with the sound of Arthur.
Ashes 035EM.jpg

Ashes 036EM.jpg
It took about an hour to walk up.  We spent about 30 minutes at the top.  The walk down took less than an hour.
Ashes 037EM.jpg
Burying the envelopes.
Ashes 038EM.jpg
Ashes 039EM.jpg
Gregg, Mantz, and Annie burying the envelopes.
Ashes 040EM.jpg
Riley, Linda, Pam, OJ, Mom, and Marci.
Ashes 041EM.jpg
The trail was in good shape.  OJ and Mom did just fine as we took a slow and steady pace.
Ashes 042EM.jpg
Pam and Linda.
Ashes 043EM.jpg
Ashes 044EM.jpg
Linda, Matt, Elana, OJ, and Mom.
Ashes 045EM.jpg
Ashes 046EM.jpg
Pam, Linda, Matt, Elana, OJ.
Ashes 047EM.jpg

Ashes 048EM.jpg
We gathered at the one parking lot just at the freeway exit.  Then we moved to another one at the base of trail.  After the hike we had a simple picnic lunch.
Ashes 049EM.jpg
The mini-van seat came out to make a comfortable place to rest some tired, little legs. 
Ashes 050EM.jpg
Instant service!
Ashes 051EM.jpg
A parking lot picnic was much easier
than trying get everyone into a restaurant.
Ashes 052EM.jpg

Pam on the road that leads from the parking lot to the hiking trail.  (No, we couldn't drive on that road.)
When I was skiing here, back in the 60's, this part of the hill was known as Dodge Ridge.
This is the road coming down from Thunderbird. 

This is a little movie.