Here is an index  of photo albums.  Each one may contain one or more albums.  I still haven't found the 'best way' to navigate through albums.  So each one behaves a little differently when it comes to things such as 'click to see full sized' and then 'do whatever' to return the album.  (Let me know if you have a seen a technique which you really like.)

Album Topic Date Updated
Trip to Tucson, January 1999 January 27, 1999
Road Trip to Southwest, May 1999 January 2001
Trip to Florida, October 1999 January 2001
Walk Along Oregon Coast, August 2000 August 2001
Christmas in New York 2000 August 2001
Spring Break:  Las Vegas and Los Angeles, May 2001 October 2001
Lazy Bear:  A trip to the redwoods, August 2001 January 2002
49th Birthday:  Steven Pass (Finally) and Sailing in Bellingham March 2002
New Year 2002 in Palm Springs, January 2002 January 2002
Kitchen Remodel Feb - May 2002
Around the Loop:  Olympic Peninsula, Oregon Coast and Portland, June 2002 August 2002
Some time in Paradise:  Hawaiian Vacation on Oahu and Maui, December 2002 January 2003
Miscellaneous & Test  
After the Jack-n-Paul Show After September 2003

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