For 11 days in December 2002, Jack and I were in Hawaii.   We spent 4 days on Oahu and a week in Maui.  On Maui we arranged to stay at a huge condo that  had two bedrooms.  So we invited our good friends Greg & Guy to meet us there.

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Jack and I arrived in Honolulu on Tuesday, December 11.  As soon as we checked in, we put on our swim suits and walked to Waikiki Beach.  The next day we took an unexpected hike up to the top of Diamond Head.

Hiking up Diamond Head

Visit to Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial

We took one morning to stop and pay our respects at the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor.  Otherwise we spent most of our days away from crowds in Honolulu.

Around Oahu

On this vacation I didn't take so many pictures as I sometimes do.  Here are a few assorted shots that include:  Leonard's,  a brief 4-wheel drive adventure, a hike in Aiea Heights and classic tourist shots of us with Diamond Head  in the background.

After 4 nights on Oahu, we left Saturday morning for the short flight to Maui.  We went to the condo in Kihei, unloaded our bags, went back to Kahului for some lunch (at a small noisy mall, where this horrible Christmas Train was blaring out "Jingle Bells" as children went for a ride in a 30-foot circle).   We bought some flower leis and went to greet our good friends Greg & Guy who arrived a few hours after us.
The first place we took Greg & Guy was Makena Beach.  We ended up going there just about every other day. Makena Beach Makena is the site of the well-known clothing optional beach.  We are naked in many of the pictures on this page, but never over exposed.
Sunrise on Haleakala is one of those things I wanted to do.  Not so much because it was on my list of "things to do this lifetime", but a good friend suggested it. It was a very good suggestion. Sunrise
The day I took the most pictures was the day we drove the Hana Hiway.  This all day trip took us to some of the most beautiful spots on Maui.  Here are three pages of pictures of that wonderful day. Sights Along the Hana Hiway A Side Trip to the "Blue Pool" My Favorite Spot on Maui -- Red Beach in Hana
On a other days, when we weren't at the beach, we spend a few hours driving around seeing other sights.  I didn't always take a lot of pictures, but here is what I have.
Around Maui
Happy Hours When you are spending a week in paradise, by default we were happy all the time.  Yet  we always found a way to celebrate happy hour.
We did arrange for two special nights of entertainment.  A luau, complete with hula dancing and pig roasting ceremony.  And on our last night on Maui, we took a sunset dinner cruise. Sunset Cruise

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