Florida 1999

In October 1999 Jack and I took a trip to Florida.  We flew to Orlando where we spent a week with a bunch of friends, many of whom to make this Orlando trip an annual event. This was my 3rd trip to Orlando.  I was there in '92 with my brother and dad; '97 to an IBM convention (and a day to play.)

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Orlando is where we started and spent almost a week.  There was a hurricane while were were there, but no real damage came to us.  The only inconvenience was we had to put the up on the convertible one day while it rained.
After a week in Orlando, we drove at a high rate of speed to Miami.  There isn't much scenery in central Florida.  We had a good time in Miami, but didn't take many pictures.    Click here.
From there we drove to Key West and I drove across the 7-Mile Bridge.
We spent about 4 days lounging around Key West.  A lot of walking up and down the main drag, plus a few hours of motor scooters. One of the days in Key West, we took a boat trip to the Dry Tortugas.  It proved to be the unexpected highlight of our entire vacation.