Loop Trip:  Two nights at Cannon Beach

It could be argued that "the loop" ends at Hoquiam.  Oregon is most definitely "out of the loop" but it still part of this trip.

Cannon Beach gets it name from an old cannon left by a ship some time back in history.  Most of the ocean beaches in northern Oregon are big, wide, flat and sandy, but punctuated by huge rocks. When the tide is in, the most impressive part of the beach is gone. The town is quiet, artsy, smug and seems to be a little impressed with itself.

A few miles to the north is Seaside.  The beach here is different but just as nice.  When the tide is in, there is much more beach to play on.  The town itself it much bigger and has more of a boardwalk carnival feel.

Both places are great to visit and very enjoyable, but very different from each other.

After 3 nights of camping, we spent 2 nights at a nice motel on Cannon Beach. After so many days of looking for showers and toilets, the pool and hot tub seemed like a luxury item.
Haystack Rock on Cannon Beach at low tide.
Finally, I have a stunt kite.
Before we left Westport, went to the kite shop I had been in so many times, and finally spent $30 for kite.
For so many years I wanted a "kite that I could steer", but never could rationalize the cost.
In recent years, I've given up on rationalizing and justifying things. Now I pretty much do what I want.
Don't let this picture fool you. It is very easy to fly one of these things.  After a few minutes I was able to do loops and all kinds of fun maneuvers.
Now I don't know why I waited so long to let myself have this simple pleasure of flying a kite.
Jack wiping the sand off my knees after flying kites at Seaside. We left the coast after this and headed to Portland.

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