Week #9

Week 9, April 15-21 was a short work week.  We went to my annual family reunion at Fort Worden in Port Townsend for the weekend.  The major work that Jack got done was completing the electrical work in the basement.  This meant drilling holes through joists that are near impossible to reach because of heat ducts and other obstacles.   A lot of hard work but not worthy of pictures.

The work done upstairs included:  building the counters to go on the base units; installing the exhaust fan/range hood; building the breakfast bar; putting trim around the windows; and paneling the upper half of the stair case.

The sink hole will be cut out after the stainless steel is applied to the counter top.
The exhaust fan.
Notice the trim around the windows -- added this week.
Why should a cat the use a dog door... 
it is so much easier (and dramatic) to have the humans open doors and windows.
Bela is not interested in the painted paneling in the stair case.
All the electrical work is done now. This involved a lot of work in the basement.
Breakfast bar or cat perch?
  Breakfast bar... the cat perch is being installed next week. You can see the bracket for it below my knee.
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