Kitchen Remodel: Week #5

The week of March 17-24 saw a little bit of progress, but as expected, Jack was directing a documentary at Microsoft and didn't have much spare time for kitchen renovation.  Even so some important things were done.  One construction milestone was the completion of the dry wall.  It is all up, but the taping and mudding still needs to be done.

Logistically, the stove was stored and the cabinets arrived.  Moving the stove from the van wasn't as difficult as I thought.  Jack made a dolly.  (I helped!  I bolted the wheels on).  We slid the stove down a ramp and onto the dolly.  It was rolled into the garage where it will stay until the new flooring is installed.  It should be just as easy to roll it up the street and across the garden and lawn (over some plywood) and up a ramp over the front porch steps.

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The cabinets from Ikea. The warehouse guys said it was 2800 pounds. It went in the van just fine. 

The van is really white.  Jack doesn't understand the white balance buttons.  Luckily he understands remodeling.

Besides not having the upstairs kitchen, the living room has become a staging area for tools and cabinetry.
The dining room also holds the refrigerator now.
All the plaster board is up. The tape and mud is next.  Then the new windows, floor, cabinets, and everything else will follow that.
Bella has been a big help on this project. Jack never realized there were so many hockey pucks involved with a renovation.
Jack built a dolly to hold the stove. We slid it down a ramp from the van right on to the dolly. We'll keep it in the garage until we are ready to put in the kitchen.
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