Kitchen Remodel: Week #2

This week, February 24th - March 2nd, the kitchen project didn't get full time attention like it did the previous week.  Still there was progress.  I took pictures and updated the web site, Jack made sure the old floor was removed and new sub floor installed; the 2nd front door was removed and covered; the skylight was installed.  We also worked at our regular jobs during the week.

Next week I'll be in San Antonio at a computer geek convention.  Jack has a couple days of work (which might lead to even more work).  So check back later and see what has happened.

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Just about everything is gone, except for the old floor.
Pretty much cleaned up.
Jack has an idea to redesign the stairway. Anything will be an improvement.
Jack posing with his wrecking bar.
This is the spot in the floor that was worn through. I can just imagine the man who built the house in his final years, sitting in the kitchen, looking at the Olympic mountains, mindlessly swinging his foot and scuffing the floor.
Jack in the soon-to-be-history stairway.
Pretending to do dishes.
Notice the funky "spiral staircase". Given the space, there isn't much else that can be done, but Jack has plans.
Lifting up the linoleum and subfloor.
Waiting for a trip to the dump. Not including the stove and sink, there was another 960 pounds of wood, plaster and drywall to we hauled away. Total dumpage = 4900 pounds.
I take the pictures and make the web site. Jack does everything else.
Everything -- including the kitchen sink.

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