Week #11

As Darth Vadar said when he described one of the Death Stars, "... fully operational; not yet complete."  The same description holds true for the kitchen following a week of work from April 28 to May 5, 2002.  We goofed off on Sunday afternoon, but the rest of the week saw most everything coming to completion.

 The plumbing of the gas lines was completed.  The diamond pattern steel and trim behind the stove was put up.

  All the appliances (our old dishwasher, refrigerator, new trash compactor, the new-to-us vintage gas stove) were installed.

All the cabinet doors, drawers and shelves were assembled and put in place.  The stainless steel handles finally were available from Ikea... they are all installed.

The stainless steel and teak top for the half wall around the stair case was installed.

 Food, dishes, pots and pans and all the kitchen supplies which have been in use or in storage in basement are being brought upstairs everyday.

Not yet complete:  floor molding, doorway casings, some nautical trim around the windows and cabinets the installation of some small cabinets at the top of the stairs, the broom closet at the top of the stairs, the ladder to the attic, and the finishing of the attic door.  A major item on the "to do" list is the reconstruction of the stairway. 

Last Sunday after the web pages were up, the weather outside was just too nice to spend working on the kitchen.
The '74 Alfa Spyder had been blocked behind the stove for months. It was time to roll the stove in to the living room, move lots of construction stuff, do some clean up and go for a Sunday drive.
While rolling the stove into the living room, we noticed that the rhododendrons and other plants had bloomed. It was time get out of the kitchen.
A quick wash.
A little air into the tires... we hit the road and didn't touch the kitchen nor the computer for the rest of the day.
Pretending to wash dishes again.
This 1950 stove has one oven and a "Bar-b-Broyler"

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