Kitchen Remodel: Week #1

After years of talking about it, looking at cabinets, drawing floor plans and considering lots of options, the project is finally underway.  It began in earnest on February 16th 2002.  The long delayed project got started because the electric stove started to give me a lot grief .

The focal point for a remodel was my desire for a gas stove which included a griddle.  (What if want to make 10 pancakes at once.)  We had looked at new Wolfe and Viking models, which are nice, but the commercial look and size seemed extreme for a 1940's house with a not-so-big kitchen.   About 2 years ago Jack received an old Western-Holly gas stove which was made in the early 1950's and had been in a house he rented years ago.  The stove needed to be refurbished.  The only place around that restores vintage gas stoves is in Skykomish and they had a 6-month backlog, so we put the old stove in the garage and forgot about it.  That was 18 months ago.

A few days after I said "new stove now", the people in Skykomish called and said we could bring the stove up that weekend.  It seemed like a cosmic coincidence.  So after a few more plans, cut outs on graph paper, decisions about various options of extreme or modest renovation and we have begun.

Each week I'll put up some pictures to show what has been done.

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A look at the old kitchen. Everything is going to go.
Painting over the wallpaper and adding those modern  low-voltage lights were the extent of "improvements" we had made.
The kitchen hadn't been upgraded at all since the house was built in the 1940s.
The old stove was the final straw. It was in need of repair or replacement. We had been planning for a remodel for years... the stove pushed the issue.  We had been drawing different floor plans for years.  Now is the time to do it.
The lights were added a few years ago.  Before that, the only light was over the sink and over my head.  The stove was in the dark.
This funky closet is also the access to the attic.
This old cabinet with sliding glass doors was very weird. All it could hold was spices..
The place was built very solid (except for the electrical). It hadn't been updated since it was built -- late 1940s
The black and white tile was set in concrete.  The tile and grout never seemed like it was clean.
The linoleum floor was worn through in places and damaged in others.
Say good-bye.
Inspector at work.

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