For 3 months starting in February 2002, all our spare time was spent remodeling the kitchen.  Each Sunday I would create a new web page showing all the accomplishments of the previous week.  The web pages were very popular among our friends, family and even casual acquaintances -- we were both amazed by the volume of feedback we received.  People we didn't even know were checking in every week to see what was new.

A benefit of this attention to our project via cyber space was that we (mostly Jack) felt pressure to have something worth showing on the web.  So he was compelled to make progress each week so there was be something to photograph and document.

As the project neared completion, we quit putting up pages.  The kitchen isn't "finished" even now (August 2002).  But we've been using it since May.  The work that remains is nominal -- mostly redoing some finish work like painting and molding.  The only major work remaining is the rebuilding of the staircase and the design/installation of the ladder up to the attic.

The whole story of the remodel is explained on the following pages.

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