Lazy Bear:
Road Trip


In August 2001 we went to an event known as "Lazy Bear".  It is a week long gathering of bears without an agenda -- just a chance to be lazy.  The event is held in Guerneville, California along the Russian River, about 75 miles north of San Francisco.

Guerneville is a quiet old logging town.  Since the logs are now gone, the town has become a low key resort area.  In times gone by, the native Americans considered the area to be taboo because the sunlight never came to the ground because the trees were so thick.  Whatever taboos are left now have nothing to do with the lack of sun.  During our stay there was plenty of sun, warmth and happy times.

I have divided our trip into 3 albums.  The middle one shows some of the stuff at the resorts.  The other two show a few highlights of our drive to and from Lazy Bear.  We opted to make the drive part of the vacation, so we took 3 full days to drive each way.


Road Trip along the Oregon Coast on the way to Lazy Bear
The week long party there
The trip back home

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