The Long Walk

In 1980 while visiting friends in Fort Collins (the Dunn's and Mosiman's) we visited a pioneer museum.  One display featured a pair of woman's shoes.  They looked like some kind of torture devices.  I figured if someone could walk across country in those, I should be able to do it in a nice pair of Nike's.  For years I thought of walking from Seattle to Iowa.  I didn't want to go backpacking or go camping -- just walk and spend the nights in motels.  By 1999 I had given up on the idea of moving to Iowa, but still wanted this long cross-country trek.  I decided I would just take a month off work, walk out my front door and head towards San Francisco -- I didn't expect to make it that far, but just a walk down the coast.  As August 2000  approached other things I wanted to do started chipping away at my plans for a 4 week walk.  By April I was down to about 10 days of "free time" during my month off.

I figured if I walked a nice pace of 3 miles per hour that I could make about 25 miles a day.  The first day would put me somewhere near Tukwila or SeaTac airport. (Yuk!)    Jack wanted to make sure I got off to a good start, so we decided that he would drive me to just north of Astoria, Oregon and he would be my support van for the first few days of my journey....

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Astoria to Seaside

Along Canon Beach to Tillamook

Tillamook to ...

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