Paul’s Chronological History

Any person’s life is so much more than a series of events or actions. But I can’t think of any other way to give a synopsis of what I’ve experienced. How these events shaped me; how they affected me and my relationship to you, everyone and everything else is unfathomable. Also, the events that happened before I was born that affected me can’t be mentioned in my chronology. The details of the events can’t be covered here. I guess that is why people write memoirs. So, here goes.

September 3, 1952 I was born in Seattle, Washington.

June 1958 My maternal grandfather dies

1962 My mom learns how to drive.

February 1, 1965 I start my Seattle Times paper route.

October 1965 I have my appendix removed.

December 1965 I take my first ski lesson.

Spring 1968 My mother has major surgery and spends many months in recuperation.

June 1970 I graduate from Nathan Hale High School in Seattle

August 1970 While riding my Honda 90 motorcycle I happen to spot a friend, Fred Stockton, moving some party supplies into Adrian Hagens’ house. Soon Adrian and I are best of friends.

January 18, 1971 Adrian and I enlist in the U.S. Coast Guard.

September 1971 The Coast Guard transfers to me to Alaska (at my request). I start 21 months of duty on board the CG Cutter CITRUS in Kodiak, Alaska.

May 1973 My Dad and Mom drive to Oklahoma City with me, where I finish my 4 years of Coast Guard and work with primitive word processing equipment and various computer jobs.

July 1973 I start doing Transcendental Meditation.

January 1975 I complete my Coast Guard enlistment. Dad flies out to Oklahoma City and we drive back to Seattle via Los Angeles.

February 1975 I go to Europe to begin my 6-month studies to become of teacher of Transcendental Meditation.

October 1975 I return to Oklahoma City to teach TM.

May 1976 I move to Pacific Palisades, California to work at the National TM Center. I also rejoin the Coast Guard Reserve.

September 1977 I move back to Camano Island and live with my parents as I attend Everett Community College and study computer programming. This where I meet Nancy Biles.

August 1978 My computer internship becomes a full-time job with Computer Time.

October 1978 My brother Buzz buys a house and I move in with him.

July 1979 Computer Times goes out of business and I start 3-1/2 years with the CPA firm Moss Adams.

Fall 1981 I move to Federal Way to live with Gary Frazier, a fellow Moss Adams employee.

February 1983 I start a new job with John F. Sullivan.

July 16, 1983 Nancy and I are married. I moved to Lynnwood a few months earlier. In September we moved a few blocks into a house we bought together.

Summer 1985 I change jobs and go to work for Sundance Cruise Lines.

Spring 1986  I use my 4-year old 8088 IBM PC (DOS 1.1) and a 2400 bps modem to connect to a bulletin board system.

Fall 1987 The cruise line goes out of business and I starting working for some consulting and software design companies, IMG & IMC.

December 1988 My son Adam and I go to PAWS and get a dog named Misha.

February 1989 IMG starts to go out of business; I’m laid off. I take a new job with Physicians Insurance and work with Terry Evans with whom I worked at Moss Adams.

July 1991 I complete my course of instruction in the TM Sidhi program in Washington D.C.

July 1991 My mother dies after a long and painful illness.

September 1991 Nancy moves out and we begin the divorce process.

February 22, 1992 My father remarries, a wonderful widow named Shirley Mann.

March 1992 Adam and I move to my new home in Lake City (Seattle).

April 1992 At Birch Bay, Washington attend a "wild man" weekend known as "Sterling Men’s Weekend".

Summer 1993  I see my first page from the world wide web, right in my own home on my own PC.

Summer 1994 I begin treatment and caring for my diabetes

Spring 1997 My Dad is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

August 1997 I rent out my house in Lake City and move in with Jack Hodge.

February 1998 Misha dies unexpectedly from a liver tumor.

November 1998  Adrian dies by his own hand.

February 1999 Marion, my father's sister, dies after a year of heart attacks, strokes and few months in a nursing  home.

July 1999 I sell my house in Lake City

October 1999 My Dad dies of pneumonia after spending a few months in a Alzheimer's care facility, then a couple of weeks a nursing home after a stroke.

Y2K (1/1/2000) Nothing happened.

Y2K + 1 (1/1/2001) Nothing happened, again.  When you get to be this old and crusty, life shaping events are hard to come by.

January 2001 Lowell, my father's brother, dies while fighting a fire in his home.

March 2003 Jack and I move to a smaller home we purchased last year.

September 2003 Jack moves away to another house we bought a few years earlier.  My Bronco catches on fire and is totaled along with Jack's Alpha.

January 2004  Gregg Borselli moves in with me.

April 2004 I undergo surgery for skin cancer on my right hand.

May 2006 While attending a mind-numbing Oracle Database Administrator training class I ask myself "why am I doing this".  I made a phone call to Gregg and he agrees to look for a job in Palm Springs so I can retire.

March 2007 Gregg signs a teaching contract in Palm Springs.  I announce I am retiring from work in July after 18 years.

July 9th 2007 After lifetime in Seattle I move Palm Springs.

August 2007 Gregg and I move into our home in Cathedral City.

February 2008 Maharishi Mahesh Yogi drops his body.



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