Paul's Bio & Links



Bio means life; graph means picture.  How can I put a picture of my life on a single page?  I can't.  So I'll give a simple chronology.  More depth can be implied from my links, hobbies, photo albums and journal.


H O B B I E S and I N T E R E S T S

If I have time for things besides work and computer, I'll be sure to create a web page about it.


 L I N K S

My calendar on Yahoo!  If I am keeping it maintained, you can see some of my upcoming appointments, vacations. and stuff.

Jack works "in the movies".  He and his sister are co-directors of TV commercials and other shorts.  The name of their production company is Alarming Pictures.  

I work at Physicians Insurance.  Primarily we insure physicians and dentists for malpractice in Washington state.  We also insure in a few other western states as well other types of liability insurance.  (I have nothing to do with the creation of the web site at work.)