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This website was created in 1997 when "Jack-n-Paul" were practically one in the same.    Jack and Paul became individuals again in September 2003.

The process to move the old web site was moved here started in September 2006.  Since Jack and I split, more than a few people have asked why I keep all this stuff about Jack around.  I won't go into all right here, but suffice it say that Jack and I are still are best of friends and care about each other to the greatest extent.  We just can't live together that way.

My 7 years with Jack were extremely wonderful, exciting, productive and happy years for us both.  I can't erase or delete history.  And why should I?


Jack on the left; Paul on the right
This is just a home page for two guys.  It isn't a professional endeavor.  Paul is a computer geek and I do most of writing on this site, but Jack may contribute from time to time.  Mostly I intend to use this site to publish photo albums.

The process of migrating from the old web "Jack-n-Paul" to the new "EndOfHisRope" has created a few problems -- like "file not found" errors.    Send me an e-mail if you know my address.

The kitchen in complete.  You can still see the pictures... just click here.

  Some of our photo albums Updated 1/19/2003.  See pictures from our trip to Hawaii just before Christmas
Or click on the hula girl.

Paul's journal.   I intended this to be a weekly "dear diary" type of thing.  But that just didn't happen.  I seem to put more time and effort into the photo albums.  If you read all the captions in the albums, you might gain some insight into my thoughts and feelings.  Also, sometimes when I write an e-mail to a friend, I realize it could modified for my journal.  So I clean it up a bit and copy it in here.  Updated 3/17/2002.  

Links, Chat and Paul's Biography.  Go here for exciting things, like AOL IM chatting with Jack and Paul. Updated 11/12/2006.

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