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  • Welcome to the page of "good intentions".  My intention (as of June 2004) is to put up an entry here about once a week -- on or before "casual Friday".  This is where I hope a write a letter to everyone who knows me and keep them abreast of the intimate and mundane details of my daily life . 

    Well, at the end of 2004, my intentions are still good.  But nothing much has been done about it.  I have lots of pictures and stuff to put in here, but...

    Look!  Now it is March 2006.  I have added a few things.  But I still have too many pictures to get up and stories to tell.  In past several months I worked mostly on getting the 2005 Road Trip photo album done.  I've spent a lot of time doing "internal" work, such as working with Microsoft FrontPage.  Just when I was starting to get the handle on it (it's limitations and non-standard HTML methods), I find out that Microsoft won't be supporting it in the future.  Also I wasted way too much time finding a "slide show" I liked. (See the results in 2005.)

    So check back here every week (and you might be disappointed.)  Look at the table at the bottom of the page and see if there has been any additions.

    In addition the keeping up with weekly details, I hope to add some history as well.  This will involve scanning old family photo albums and 35 millimeter slides.  This might have to wait until I am very caught up.


    Date Updated Topic or Section (Click on the text) Timeframe of Journal
    4/30/2006 E-mails and recollection of events during 2006  First entry for the year 2006
    5/2/2006 Various events during 2005  Updated with Puyallup Fair 2005
    12/11/04 Journals about events of 2004 2004
    6/19/04 Update about my cancer surgery March 2004 - date updated
    April 2007 New Diary Method  Contains current diaries and some recollections about events long ago. April 2006 - most recent