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  •   Cancer Log:  Entry for 6/19/2004 

    June 19, 2004:  Not much has happened.  A few left over stitches were found.  Some of the "internal stitches" are not melting away nicely, so I get bloody, pimple like things on the suture lines.   This seems weird to me, but what am I going to do at this point.

    I saw the doctor last on June 4th.  He said that if the swelling of the flap on my wrist hasn't come down significantly by the time I see him again in October, that he might consider doing a liposuction or even opening it up to carve away and  reshape it.  We'll see.

    Meanwhile, I'm instructed to continue with the massaging, Ace bandages, and even a spandex glove to wear to help with the swelling.  These measures do work.  The swelling is gradually becoming less.  Here are the latest pix as of 6/19/2004: