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  •   Cancer Log: Entry for 4/23/2004 

    April 16, 2004:  The doctor tells me to stop wearing the split.  I can type easily now  -- but that doesn't mean I'll be writing a lot of e-mails or keep this web site up-to-date!  I can start taking showers (no more sponge baths), but I can't soak in the hot tub or get my arm very wet.

    I know many people find this picture upsetting, but believe me, it didn't hurt at all.  This picture is 1 week after the surgery.  I never counted the stitches, but there are over a hundred on the surface, plus many more below.


    April 17, 2004:  Feeling very good... no more cancer, a real shower and a nice sunny day in Seattle...   I go to visit Jack .  I show off my  "big operation" to Jack, his Mom and Leon.

    April 23, 2004: The stitches are removed. The doctor says, "your arm is yours now", meaning I can do whatever I want.  But I still need to keep it wrapped in Ace bandages to help with swelling, plus he suggested I massage everything to help minimize something.