Cancer Surgery Pictures -- Radial Flap Procedure



These pictures are quite "graphic".  They were taken by my surgeon (Dr. Downey at Virginia Mason) during the 9 hours of surgery.  This page has these large thumbnails -- click on them to get the full sized images, about 650k each.


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This is the 3cm excision. The blue color is some dye used to help the surgeon find stuff.
The circle of flesh on my forearm is the "flap" which will be moved to cover my wrist. The line between the wrist and flap is where the radial artery has been exposed.
Lifting the flap. The radial artery is still attached. After some replumbing, the blood vessel will feed the flap on my wrist.
Placing the flap on the wrist. A flap is needed because a regular skin graft wouldn't take to the wrist.
All sewn up. The skin on my fore arm is a graft taken from my leg.
This is the "donor" site from my leg where the skin was taken to cover my forearm. This is about 5 days after the surgery. This didn't hurt any more than a "road rash" from when I was a skate boarder.