Bears Around the Fire
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  • This is a web page announcement I made via mailing lists to several hundred e-mail addresses for groups based in Seattle.  I have few pictures of the event following.


    So, Labor Day is coming; summer is almost over.

    Maybe you missed Kamp Kodiak,
    or you didn't have a ride to Lazy Bear,
    or you don't really like being in a sleeping bag.

    Maybe this isn't true.  You love to camp and wouldn't
    miss any opportunity!  Whatever.

     In any case here is a chance to hang around a camp fire
    without going into the woods.

    When: Thursday
    August 31, 2006
    7:00 PM until 11:30 PM
    What: Guys sitting around an open fire in Fremont.
    Why: Because we can.
    Where: Fremont Fire Circle
    Along the ship canal... Burke Gilman Trail... near the intersection of
    3rd Ave NW and NW 36th Street  (click here for a Google Map)
    Who: Bears -- Movie Bears, Northwest Bears, Seattle Play Bears, friends of bears, muscle bears, leather bears, polar bears, cubs, otters, trappers, chubs, sluts, prudes, singles, partners, triads, open, closed, and anyone else who wants to hang around all-inclusive bears and poke a fire.
    What to Bring: Nothing is provided except a fire pit.  Bring whatever you can or want; nothing or a lot.  For example:  Fire wood (clean -- see notes below).  A chair.  Non-booze drink.  Food.  S'mores stuff.  Etc.
    Restrictions: Plenty -- we live in the city!  See pictures and notes below.


    Here is a picture of me at the "Fremont Fire Circle".  As you can see, it is right along the ship canal.  There is on-street parking very close.

    Here is the sign with some of the restrictions:


    • This event is not paid for or sponsored by any club.
    • Paul Quesnell has reserved this site (free of charge) from the Seattle Parks Department for a "social gathering".
    • There are lots of rules from the city:
      • No booze
      • No drugs
      • No amplified music  (low volume boom boxes are OK, if you insist -- but why?)
      • No motorized vehicles (but you can park about 100 feet away)
    • There are even more rules about what to burn. See the picture above:
      • Only clean, dry firewood
      • No pallets, construction materials (even if unpainted)
      • No "Dura-flame" logs
      • No yard waste, pruning, garbage
    • The park closes at 11:30  however, all fires are supposed to be out by 11:00 (according to Seattle Municipal Code)
    • If there is an "air pollution alert", fires will not be allowed.  (There so many agencies involved, the park department will post a sign if a fire is not allowed.)
    • Getting there:
      • If you look at the satellite picture on the Google link, you barely see the top of the circle in the middle of the picture, near a tree
      • use Google to zoom out and see street names
      • If you know Fremont, it is very close to the cement works on at the ship canal at 3rd Ave NW.
      • As you drive along Leary, it is behind the place the sells yard statuary -- near Hoki's Teriyaki Hut
    • I have the place reserved from 6:00 - 11:30; but I won't be arriving with the permit until after 6:30.  Come earlier if you want.
    • Gregg will be bringing 5-gallon buckets of water for dousing the fire.
    • Remember, no white shoes after Labor Day.

    The event went well.  About 30 guys showed up (plus two uninvited street people) who enjoyed the fire while breaking city ordinances about public drinking.

    Gregg bought six bundles of wood.  We brought a couple camp chairs, and some buckets of water and
    tools to douse and overhaul the fire.

    Guys around the fire.

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