My Birthday 2005
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For my birthday we drove down to Portland to attend a special beach party (not in my honor!)  We stopped just before Interstate 5 crosses the Columbia River to actually take some time to walk on the bridge.

Mount Saint Helens at 7 in the morning

Early morning drive along Interstate 5

Under the I-5 bridge on the north side of the Columbia River.

One of our goals for stopping at the bridge was to allow us to use it as pedestrians. Gregg skateboarded; I walked.

Here are three movies.  You need to have Quicktime or something to view these .mov files (no sound needed.)  Depending on your browser, you should be able to start the movies by rolling your mouse over it.

Well, when I designed this web page in FrontPage, I see 3 thumbnails showing the opening scene of the movie.  When it run in IE or Firefox, there is a broken image icon... but click on the broken icon and a separate page opens for your viewing pleasure.

One movie is Gregg.  Two are of me (Gregg's finger slipped was I walking by.)

click here anyway click here to see silent movie click here to kill some time

More Pix on Coming Soon.