August: Spirit Train & Winery
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  • For Christmas last year Gregg and I didn't want to give his Mom and OJ a gift that couldn't be consumed.  They don't need more stuff to keep around the house.  So we gave them an evening aboard the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train.

    The Spirit Train runs from Renton to Woodinville and back.

    It was my goal to do this during June when there is more day light. But schedules are hard to coordinate during the final days of school, so we ended up doing it just before school started up again.

    Lovely Downtown Renton
    We arrived on time, which was about an hour too early.  We lounged around the train station and finally boarded around 6:15 PM.

    We sat in the VistaDome, enjoyed a nice meal as we headed towards Woodinville and the winery.   The seats were quite cramped and not very comfortable.

    Inside the winery... it was a quick and interesting tour.  Most people were into tasting and buying lots of wine; we weren't.  For me it was all about the train ride.  

    Of course now that I have figured out this little stop action movie trick, you get stuck looking at them on every page!

    These were taken outside the winery gift shop as we were waiting to get back on the train.

    Gregg and I have fun posing and then taking these pictures with the remote control.  Yes!  We are nerds and dorks, but I guess you enjoy looking at it.