June 28, 2004
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  •   Journal Entry for 6/28/2004 

    This is being written 2 weeks after the fact, on July 9th.  That week was devoted to working, in preparation for a week of vacation stating on June 29.

    Gregg continued to clean out all of his teaching aids and science experiments from Bellevue High School.  He will be taking them to his new school, Odle, a middle school.  Bellevue is dropping the "integrated science" and only teaching biology, chemistry and other "non-bonehead" science courses.  Gregg has been wanting to teach in middle school for some time, so this is the perfect opportunity to take his show across town.

    I continued to work on the EPIC project at Physicians Insurance.  I worked several evenings and made decent progress, but the entire process of learning this .net / object oriented style of programming is taxing my burned out brain.

    On Wednesday we went out with the MovieBears to see "Stepford Wives".  It was fun and silly.  I never saw the original, which I guess was more of a horror story.  We also went out with the guys to play poker on Thursday.  During a break, Gregg went in to watch some TV and fell asleep.