June 21, 2004
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  •   Journal Entry for 6/21/2004 

    This past weekend was highlighted by two events on Saturday, the Freemont Solstice Festival and the NWBear club picnic.

    The work week before was typical, but I did find myself working later than usual... waiting to meet with Baron, the project leader.  He is so busy and in demand, that I must usually wait until after 5:00 or 5:30 to get his attention.   Our Monday afternoon status meeting (with Terry, Dale, Baron and myself) didn't go too late -- we were done by 6:00. 

    Wednesday I stated telecommuting but then left the house at 10:00 to run some errands:  dropped of dry cleaning; drove down to Kent to drop off some shirts embroidered with the Puddletown Squares logo; car wash; pharmacy.  Because nearly everyone else at work telecommutes on Wednesday, I went into the office and worked with Baron.

    Friday got a haircut during lunch.  Went square dancing that night.  Usually Gregg comes and watches square dancing, but this being the final week of school, he was at an "end of year" BBQ party for teachers.  This being his final year at this school (he is leaving high school and going to middle school), he was honored with some speeches and kudos.

    Friday was also the last day of teaching, forever, for my brother Buzz.  He is retiring (at age 56) from full-time teaching.  He will probably do some substitute teaching in the fall.  I'm glad to see him out of the daily grind, hassles and turmoil that has been wearing him down for years.

    Here are some pictures from NWBears picnic.   Click here for a link to all the pictures of Freemont Solstice Parade (including naked bike riders!)

    Everyone brought salads, side dishes and deserts.  The club provided hot dogs, burgers, buns and the charcoal to cook them.  The picnic was at Woodland Park shelter #5, not too far south of the lawn bowling greens.
    Just hanging around on a warm summer day.  Compared to last spring/summer -- which was exceptionally warm and dry -- this summer is starting out typical.  Today was in the low 80's and sunny.  There haven't been too many day like this so far.

    Good friends of mine... I've known Chuck and Mike since 1996.  TJ since about '98 or so.

    Allan is the title holder of "Mr. Northwest Bear 2004".  We simply call him the vest.  Allan has lived in Seattle for many years, but I didn't meet him until the summer of 2003.  Gregg, is my partner.  I haven't written much about him yet (as of today), but I will be filling in some gaps in my diary.  Just keep checking back.