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This is web site for Paul Quesnell and any of his friends that might want to put up a few web pages.   "End Of His Rope" is not a suicide note.   It more of an analogy to fishing or whaling... when you are giving some slack on the line or rope... and when you have given all the slack can, you are at the end of your rope.   I was there a few years ago and decided to come up with a new domain name.

 Updated weekly monthly whenever!


April 2009:

I guess I should stop making promises to keep this web site up to date.  But today I did start the pages documenting the move from Seattle to Palm Springs in July 2007.    Well, that has been delayed.  But there are some pix of Gregg's haircut.  And of course there are plenty of other new pictures on Flickr.

As I add stuff to this site I will update the table of contents below.


Date Updated Topic or Section What's New
6/1/2010 Scanned pictures in to Mom & Dad Before Kids and
Dad's Navy Album
These sections finally have some content.
4/7/2010 Added Round Four of scanned photos in Pre-Digital History Hopefully the last of the  photos from 1952-1966
1/27/2010 Added Round Two of scanned photos in Pre-Digital History More photos from 1952-1966
7/10/2009 Updated 2008 & Beyond Photos Out at the Old Ball Game
4/27/2009 Photo Album:  Added "Index2" for 2008 & Beyond Yard Work & Swamp Cooler
4/24/2009 Photo Album Moving to Palm Springs. Added "Day 3" of Moving to Palm Springs.
4/23/2009 Pre-Digital History 1952-1966 Added "Round One" of scanned images.
4/19/2009 Gregg's annual shave and crew cut New pix added
4/19/2009 Photo Album Moving to Palm Springs. Added "Day 2" of Moving to Palm Springs.
4/16/2009 Spring Break pool party Pix of friends
3/3/2009 The first step of massive scanning project "Pre-Digital History" Gregg's School Pictures &
Paul Visits Santa
3/2/2009 I started to update the photo album with the "Move to Palm Springs" The first day of the trip to Mount Saint Helens.